Clássico – Filme Completo – A Ghost Of A Chance – 1973













Years before Ghost, A Ghost Of A Chance was a pre-condom, very early gay sex film which employed a similar plot device – the ghost of a dead lover returns to offer advice and guidance to his still living lover. After the car accident death of his lover Cass, rail-thin blond Jerry becomes involved with a loving and studly young man. Complications arise when the handsome, gloriously nude Cass returns as an opinionated apparition. Seen only by Jerry, Cass watches and comments on Jerry’s sexual activities as well as performing a ghostly rim and blow job on him! It’s eerily tender in places, but A Ghost Of A Chance delivers a great plot and some very watchable sex scenes. Cast: Roy Clark, Glenn Brock, Jimmy Hughes, Toby Willis, Tom Winston, Ralph Martin, Gena Powers.

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