Clássico Raro – Filme Completo – Wild Rangers

Outdoor sex. 6 sizzling scenes with duos, threesomes and even fivesomes. Hot, horny hunks choking cute young twinks with their big fat cocks and then shagging the arse off them.

Description / Review:
Centaur Films releases another quality production. Beautifully videographed with detailed close-up shots of intimate moments, a terrific cast of performers – smooth muscle guys and cute twinks, all of them well hung.

The theme is a day in the life of Park Ranger Brock Masters and some of his colleagues as they deal with troublesome horny twinks camping and fucking around. When they catch up with these little fuckers, they punished them appropriately!

First scene starts with a couple of twinks – fair innocent looking Kirk and dark handsome Clay – Kirk fucks clay with a scarily fat dildo. Buff muscle guy Ranger Brock catches them at it and forces Clay in to brutal sex as he makes him take his fat 10″ cock in his mouth and up his shaved hole. Clay also takes the handle of Brock’s nightstick. Meanwhile Kirk has escaped, but in the final scene he is captured and forced to take Brock’s fingers and enormously thick cock. His boy-hole is stretched so wide you can see the fleshy insides. The scene ends with Kirk splattering his stomach then Brock spewing an enormous load over his face.

In between Ranger Brock’s two scenes his colleagues have filthy encounters with Dylan, Sean and Brandon. Bodybuilder Paris who has a gorgeous 8″ shows his expertise at sucking 3 cocks simultaneously. The deceptively sweet Brandon surprises by fucking his mate Dylan with an increasing number of fingers and finally the thickest part of his clenched fist. Ranger Adam chases Clay up a tree for an amazing scene among the branches. Adam loosens up Clay with fingers and fists (two hands at the same time), before they return to earth for more sex on a bench as Adam fucks Clay with his 8″ cock. Adam shoots over Clay’s face before eating his own cum.

A terrific five-way ends with Ranger Brad jerking his 9″ cock to an explosive orgasm followed by the other 4 shooting their loads over him. Very messy!

Former 90s porn star Chip Daniels is very talented. In addition to owning Centaur and directing the film, he videographed and edited it. He shagged the script’s co-author (Sean Storm was his boy friend at the time), and as disclosed in the Behind The Scenes segment, he shaved Adam Wolfe’s arse and Brad McGuire’s pubes. Nice work!

This really was my sort of film. Just wild!. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too.

Brock Masters, Adam Wolfe, Brad McGuire, Dylan Scott, Kirk Kelley, Sean Paris, Brandon Weber, Cory Bleau, Clay Foxe


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