Download – Especial – • Halloween – The Adventures of Batman and Robin, Part 1 _ Christian Bay, Colby

We join our hero in distress, being broken down by one of the diabolical thugs that make up the crime community of Gotham city. His resolve is strong but when something goes wrong neither him nor the thugs can control where their bodies take them. The lines of hero and villain begin to blur as a primal urge takes over. The two thugs played by Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox, take turns using the boy wonders hot warm mouth for a sweet exchange of cocksucking fun. Robin, played to a T by Christian Bay, doesn’t make it out of his bonds before Colby Chambers gets a nice big mouthful of that sweet superhero cock. The thugs pup is so eager to get inside of Christian Bays tight plump ass he doesn’t even wait to get him untied. The two take turns smashing that sexy superhero ass again and again as Robin takes whats being given to him. Enjoy this Halloween Gay Porn Parody by ColbyKnox with body art by Taylor Reign.

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