Download – Filme Completo – Hero Horror 2

Landon Mycles (WebWonder) / Topher DiMaggio (Seven) / Aryx Quinn 

Whether you’re reveling in your post Comic Con energy, or sitting at home surrounded by your favorite comic and superhero films and ephemera, who can blame you for wanting to see those tropes taken to the next level? For many years, the Hard Heroes series has done just that. Subtext becomes text in our overtly sexual romps. 

This time, Aryx Quinn portrays a gleeful villain, hard-bodied and diabolical. He poisons Seven and WebWonder in his chamber of “fun”, complete with beds, and tables, and metal racks! It’s 25 minutes of heroes servicing the villain, as costumes are torn, cocks are exposed, and Aryx Quinn forces the hero squad to watch as dicks are sucked and faces are passionately kissed. Every pairing has a voyeur, until the moment Quinn demands that WebWonder services Seven’s glorious cum cannon while he services WebWonder’s asshole. 

Soon our villain is force feeding Seven’s cock to WebWonder, while fingering Seven’s asshole. Soon WebWonder and the villain are practically fighting over that fierce cock, while seven throws his head back in ecstasy. But pain turns to pleasure as WebWonder is ordered to rip and twist that hard, wet cock while the villain tortures Seven’s pecs and smothers his pretty face with those rock-hard biceps. 

“Straddle his face!” the villain orders. “Feed him some dick!” 

WebWonder mounts Seven’s face, invading his mouth with cock and balls and passionate kisses from the villain. Soon Quinn’s monster cock is thrusting in and out of WebWonder’s hungry ass, as Seven thrusts his own piece of meat deep down his willing throat!

Baixe o Vídeo Completo Aqui

Baixe o Vídeo Completo Aqui

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