Download – Filme Completo – Oh Man! Studios – Escaping From Buenos Aires

“It’s hot in Buenos Aires. Bruno Bordas and Lucas Honda plan to go cool off at the pool sex party. On the way, they pick up handsome Luciano Bonzas. They meet the rest of the boys at the party. Upon arrival instead of cooling off, they see four men start heating things up around the pool. Marcos and Agustin quench their thirst for Gonzalo’s and Ruben’s cocks. This quickly evolves into the two tops, Gonzalo and Ruben, chowing down on their respective butts. After working the boys up into a fever, their thick cocks go in and the fucking starts in earnest. Gonzalo fucks Agustin and Ruben fucks Marcos. Soon, the four are in a train, eagerly writhing and throbbing in and out of each other. Four amazing explosions later, the boys finally take to the pool for some relief from the heat. Bruno calls to invite Juan and Javier to the party, but they’re already having one. Entwined in each other’s arms, they ignore the phone, answering nature’s call. Javier gulps on Juan’s fat cock for a few strokes. Before too long, Juan turns Javier around and makes it clear what he wants. He tears in to Javier’s ass with his tongue and fingers. Javier’s back arches eagerly. He goes back to slurping down on Juan while sitting his hole on Juan’s lips. At last Juan climbs inside Javier and takes what he wants. They both pop their loads. They get the message about the party head out to meet their friends. Gerardo, the gardener, is trimming the hedge. He spies Lucas and Julian going at it. Gerardo eagerly watches the two getting more and more turned on. Lucas and Julian put on an unintentional show for Gerardo sucking and tonguing each other. Gerardo starts yanking on his own cock as Lucas gets on all fours with Julian opening his ass up. Gerardo can’t help but soak his load out when the two start fucking. It doesn’t take long before Lucas and Julian have also blown their loads. A worker, Marcelo Temples, shows up to the party looking for a job. He finds more than he bargained for as all the guests are spread all over the yard and furniture going hard at it. In a flash, his clothes are off and he’s in the thick of it with the other guests. A full on orgy ensues with everyone taking a turn at all the festivities. They gulp and bob on each other’s cocks, spread open and probe each other before sinking their cocks balls-deep into each other. The yard is swarmed with dripping cocks, flicking tongues and eager butts. After everyone has satisfied their desire, they kick back and relax in each other’s arms… waiting to start a new party sometime soon.”

Baixe o Filme Aqui – Parte – 1

Baixe o Filme Aqui – Parte – 2

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