Filme Completo – Bel Ami – Julian

Julian Armanis’ typical day is chock-full of the sort of activities
stud-pups of his age enjoy – kissing, sucking cock and fucking. From
dawn until dusk he finds sex everywhere. Cruising in the park?
Absolutely. Orgy in the workplace? Perfect location. Fucking in the
locker room? All the time. With friends like Pierre Delon, Max Orloff,
Alan Connery and Danny Saradon, why would Julian keep his cock in his
pants? Join the talented Mr Armanis in Julian as he bounds from one
romantically hedonistic encounter to another. It’s a dick-filled day of
delights. In addition to the 135 minutes of the main film, there is a
further 40 minutes of excerpts from other Bel Ami releases. Cast:
Julian Armanis, Chris Cameron, Alan Connery, Pierre Delon, Tommy Hansen,
Adrian Kinski, Max Orloff, Andre Pagnol, Danny Saradon     

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