Filme Completo – Clair Production – Bains Douches

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Sauna club, here is the one you’d like to visit ! Here eveyone has fis chance. Having non stop sex with the first you meet,playing with dildo and asking for more. Those who were watching, finally join … Discover a worl of luxur without taboo…
Sauna club, en voilà un comme on les aime ! Ici tout le monde a sa chance. On baise sans retenue avec le premier qui passe, on se fait goder et on en redemande. Ceux qui matent, finissent par participer… Découvrez un monde de luxure sans tabou…

Dragonfly adds:
Opening montage (3’53”)
All these scenes, if intended and shot as such, did not make it into the final cut of the film and could make a second film”
One can only assume that some of this was just shot for this opening montage, which is BTW far superior than the usual preview shots of what is to come though a bit “frustrating”, of course. As none of these scenes ever surfaced in another film or as a bonus scene on DVD – I think it is not too far fetched to assume that while shooting some things might not have worked as planned, like the orgy for instance. In one of Moussu’s latest BTS segments on DVD (ca. 2004 or 2005) we see how part of a scene goes awry and so what was shot of the scene never made it into this or any other film. Guys like Pelikan, Schnegr or Senko would not have left it out. No matter how bad the final scene would look. One can argue about Moussu’s quality as a director. But at least he tries to keep up to a certain standard and quality.

cast: performer
Barth (Rublan Bask)
George (Ronny Silver)
Jason (Rony Zalliv)
Johnny (Drago Lembeck)
Kee (Michael)
Luke (Lance Selleck)
Mike (Kozec)
Peter (Barton cz)
Stephan (Sebastian de Long)
Xavier (Sanchez Viva)

category General Hardcore  
studio Clair Production  
rating out of 4 non rated  
produced 2005  
location Czech Republic  

language Czech

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