Filme Completo – Clássico – AMG: THE FANTASY FACTORY (1990)

AMG: THE FANTASY FACTORY (1990) A Campfire Video Production. Directed by Marvin Jones and Bob Mizer. Edited by Chuck Spero. Produced by Steve Malis. Special guest Joe Leitel. Running time (including supplemental material): 97 minutes. 

AMG: THE FANTASY FACTORY explores the fascinating world of the Athletic Model Guild, where righteousness and justice always prevailed over the forces of evil, and where no deed was so dastardly that it couldn’t be atoned for by a good spanking! In the tight-laced 1950’s, wrestling and horseplay pervaded these brilliantly entertaining little films, originally distributed on 8mm to home movie enthusiasts. Host Steve Malis takes us back to a time when “dirty movies” were good clean fun. Some full nudity, but primarily the models wear the signature “posing pouches”. 

Ed Fury on the Beach (posing strap modeling) 
Mike James (posing) 
Beau McPherson (naked posing) 
“Aztec Sacrifice” (Everett Lee “Cherokee” Jackson, George Savage, Jim Wilson) – Jackson falls asleep and experiences a weird nightmare in which he is a prisoner of the Aztecs. They anoint him with oils and strap him down to an altar, and bring out a huge snake they let crawl over his body. He awakens to find that his roommate’s pet snake has gotten loose and is actually crawling in his bed. 
“Boy Slaves for Sale” (Ray Foul) – A clever young slave fakes physical maladies in order to escape from his unattractive master and end up the property of a handsome prince. 
“Forty-Second Street Hood” (Rick Spencer, Doug Scott) – Doug Scott as the hood and Rick Spencer as the policeman who interrupts the criminal’s nefarious activities. 
“Tijuana Bandit” (Eddie Manning, Dale Hall, Jim Jones) – Dale and Jim are walking down the street in Tijuana when Manning tries various ways of hustling them. Unable to make a sale, he pulls a gun on the boys, takes them into an alley and makes them strip out of their clothes. However, they rush the thug, after which the inevitable semi-nude wrestling match ensues! 
“Military School Initiation” (Monte Hanson, Chuck Steury, Bob Jackson, Ernie Mathews) – Two military buddies give a pair of new recruits a proper initiation. 
“Trick or Treat” (Shan Daymore, David Jones) – David Jones is the young trickster who is trying to make life miserable for the oiled-up athlete Shan Daymore. Shan gives Dave a Hershey Bar which actually contains Ex-Lax. Upon discovering he has been tricked, David does a series of tricks, but Shan catches him and gives him a spanking, after which they have a brief brawl. 
“Revolt of the Android” (Larry Cotrell, Bob Johnson) – Larry Cottrell orders a lifelike robot (android) to help him with the house chores and perform personal services for him. All goes well until he asks robot to go fetch him a girl, whereupon the robot’s moral censor kicks in. The robot give him a spanking, after which he hands him a copy of “Physique Pictorial”. 
“Something Worth Fighting For” (Ron Cremers, Steven Charles, Debbie Smith) – Is a girl always worth fighting for? A marine resents a sailor flirting with his girl, and challenges him to a wrestling match (during which the girl strolls away with a gambler sporting a big bank roll). 
“Bathroom Athlete” (Joe Leitel, Charles Butler, George Pagart) – Mischievous brothers Butler and Pagart sneak in the bathroom before self-infatuated Joe Leitel shows up. They put itching powder in his gym shorts and then hide behind a dressing screen to watch the fun. They are treated to a display of Joe flexing his muscles to his mirror reflection, mistakenly thinking that no one is looking. When Joe at last puts on the shorts, the boys are so torn with glee that they literally roll with laughter and inadvertently knock over the screen they are hiding behind. The incensed athlete quickly surmises the situation, throws a boy over either knee, spanking them and liberally sprinkling the itching powder where it will do them the most good. 
Joe Leitel Interview – Steve Malis interviews Joe Leitel 33 years after working with Bob Mizer. Leitel tells his story about how somebody saw him at a bus station and connected him with AMG. Bob ‘loaned’ him out, and Joe made a living off of modeling for a while. 
“Jim Paris on Donkey” (Jim Paris) – Paris, in a posing strap, rides a donkey, struts his stuff and then stands on the donkey’s back. 
“The Impudent Salesman” (Jim Paris) – Paris plays a pushy health food salesman who gets handcuffs slapped on him and a good spanking. 
“The Convict” (Bill Simons, Eddie Kenmour) – The story of a convict trying to steal a cowboy’s clothes, but the latter takes pity on him when he sees welts on the convict’s back and so he gives him a break. 
“The Slave Fights Back” (Blackie Preston, John Davidson, Buddy Lake) – Posing strap posing and wrestling between a prince and his servant. 
Richard Harrison – Posing at the bottom of a stone stairway. 
Joe D’Allesandro – Posing in front of a black background. 
Gary Hammock – Posing in front of a black background. 
“Seeing Double” (Denny Densman, Dean Densman) – Two guys in posing straps mimic each other as though they’re standing in front of as mirror. 
David O’Boyle – Naked posing in front of rocks. 
“Baby Doll” (Jim Horn, Ray Robirds) – Two handsome young male nudists appear in a playroom. One is painting the wall, while the other is in a crib! 

Plus five additional film shorts from the 80’s: “Gettin Something for Nothin”, “A Slave to Fashion”, “Adding Insult to Injury”, “A Few Good Men” and “Wrestling With Conviction”. Also, footage of off-screen Bob Mizer directing a photo session between two young guys. 

A beautiful quality print of this out-of-print feature. 

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