Filme Completo – Empire Of Caesar 2: Master Of The Sword

Summary/ Description:
The second installment in the Empire of Caesar series
is another astonishing sight for the eyes – beautiful
settings, costumes and models make Empire Of Caesar 2:
Master Of The Sword a visual feast.

As far as the sex goes, the shots of these guys fucking
each other are simply breathtaking. Any shot with Claudio
Antonelli’s chiseled chest and stomach is a winner, and
the stairway fuck with Austin Rogers, Breno Lopes (another
ripped stud), and Alfredo Castaldo provides frequent inspiration.

But it’s the sit-down fuck in the finale with Glenn Santoro
getting pounded by Gino Francesco that will get fans worked
up the most. 

Running Time: 90 mins, Year 2006

Starring: Breno Lopes, Kevin Cage, Andreas Harris, Claudio Antonelli, Helmut Muller, Enrique Gardinelli, Dick James, Austin Rogers, Alfredo Castaldo, Gino Francesco, Glenn Santoro

Director: Csaba Borbely

Studio: All Worlds Video

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