Filme Completo – Empire Of Caesar 3 Spartacus

Summary/ Description:
Of course there is something overtly homoerotic about
gladiators banding together either in the arena or on
the verge of revolt. So, this film version of Spartacus
aims to tell the untold story of the rebellion.

history facts are dragged into this flick. No dates, no
places, no settings on the outskirts of Rome. Instead,
just guys getting out of their skirts as they await the
revolt Spartacus has planned.

were the guys doing in the hours before it all started?
Director Csaba Borbély has a few ideas.

Starring: Claudio Antonelli, Rogerio Mateo, Gary
Preston, Marco Sanchez, Kevin Cage, Dick James, Glenn
Santoro, Evan Rochelle, Mario McCabe, Helmut Muller, Austin
Rogers, Antonio Martinelli

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