Filme Completo – Freaky Thugz: The Fire Within


Freaky Thugz: The Fire Within

A Gothic, supernatural sex fable about a sexual entity invoked to arouse the hidden desires and latent fantasies of anyone it seduces. Possessing the power to move at will from person to person by touch, its energy initiates a sexual awakening and connection between a crew of hot New York City thugs.
Freaky Thugz provokes a strong emotional, spiritual and, of course, sexual experience. Conveying a sense of taboo, danger and sexual exploration that subliminally feeds the viewer’s hunger on many levels, the movie also introduces erotic foot licking to the world of ethnic New York homeboy-themed action video.
Starring:  Junito, Muscle Miguel, Quest, J.C., Tiger Tyson, Rico Suave, Tony Rivera

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