Filme Completo – Men In Blue

Andrew Stark and Connor Kline are part of a new class of police recruits in Men In Blue. While studying for an exam they can’t help but get hot and horny because of how fucking hot they both look in the uniform! A bit of sexually charged foreplay leads to cock sucking, ass eating and the deep pounding of Conner Kline’s amazing bubble butt. Rookie Cops Connor and Liam end up with some time to kill after an emergency call turns out to be a false alarm. Both guys are feeling the rush of adrenaline and can’t help but get naked and fuck. Over at the Police Academy Liam Magnuson has a boner because Connor Kline and Johnny Ryder are simulating a fight. Trainer Rocco Reed calls Liam out and suggests they go around together. Before long everyone is hard, naked and fucking! There is absolutely nothing hotter than a Man In Blue! Cast: Liam Magnuson, Connor Kline, Andrew Stark, Johnny Ryder, Rocco Reed

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