Filme Completo – Spanish Uprising

Carreras and Marquez are touring the countryside of Spain when their car breaks down outside a picturesque old villa. As they wander around checking the place out, cock-slinging caballeros from the 19th century materialize, first in old clothes, then in contempory jeans and tees. It would seem that these ghosts from days past are bound to forever wander this forgotten villa and it is quite evident that they are very, very horny.

Spanish Uprising is a mystical, magical tour produced with all the bells, balls, and whistles you have come to expect from Studio 2000 International. The cast is nigh onto flawless, no one more so than the super-sensational glam-god Rafael Carreras. New exclusive Antonio Marquez is magnificent and his appearance in three scenes really kicks butt. 

Legendary director John Travis and Studio 2000 International have a certified winner in Spanish Uprising. Six sex scenes plus three “erotic hallucinations” add up to a neverending story of fantasy, flash and fabulous flesh.

Starring Luis Casas, Lucas Foz, Matheus Rocha, Rafael Carreras, David Chelsea, Andreas Colmenares, Mario Delazarius, Alejandro Dominguez, Marco Flores, Antonio Marquez, Adrian Reyes, Jose Luis Vasquez

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