Filme Completo – Studio 2000 – Riptide


 Filme Completo – Studio 2000  – Riptide – (1995) 
Starring:  Chase Hunter, Sean Diamond, Chad Conners, Gianfranco, Matt Easton

Director:  John Travis
Almost everyone has, at one time or another, wondered what really goes on up in the lifeguard stations where those big hunks of beef who watch over our fives and our safety with such diligence go to escape the sun’s hot rays and the sunbathers’ even hotter gazes. And probably everyone has some kind of fantasy about it. Riptide!, the latest in SIUDIO 2000’s continuing series of the hottest and the handsomest in male adult video, is their take on what’s happening in those secret places where surf, sun and sand collide with rising libidos, straining muscles and conflicting emotions. Baywatch will just have to move over. The tits and ass here are of a hot and throbbing kind.

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