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What happens when your romantic future meets your wild past? In “”The Mix,” NakedSword Original’s take on modern love, it all spills out in the open. Boyfriends Christian Wilde and Felix Warner are in love, but when an engagement brings their old lives together, it threatens to derail their perfect union. Free love and uptight money collide as two sets of friends descend on a humble cabin for a celebratory BBQ. It’s a long (and hard!) day of unexpected encounters, drug-induced scandals and a sweet proposal to bring it all together. NakedSword’s sexy, balls-out battle over gay sexuality will have you cheering for love… and watching with lust!

Starring:  Connor Maguire, Jack Ferren, Felix Warner, Angel Rock, Conner Habib, Race Cooper, Blue Bailey, Christian Wilde
Director:  Mr. Pam

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