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As the scorching sun pounds down against the shimmering sands ofthe Sahara, a people struggle thru their daily lives, eking out a way tosurvive the brutal daylight that beats them into submission betweendawn and dusk. Life in these exotic lands is harsh and cruel, a worldthrown back in time to an era of absolute power and uncontrolledpassion.But when night falls a welcome cool breeze blows across the stilldesert and another world awakes, a world where pleasure rules andmen rise triumphant to satisfy an overwhelming lust that has beenbuilding since the dawn of time.
This is the story of these dangerous men. .. These are the Talesof the Arabian Nights!
A Two Disc Set!
‘* Highly, Highly Recommended *’, Brent Blue,
‘This is the finest movie I have ever made.’ –Chris Ward
GayVN Hall of Fame Director Chris Ward is one of the mostacclaimed movie makers in the gay porn industry. His films and thefilms from his studio have won dozens of awards and are consideredclassics in modern erotica. Part one of Tales of the Arabian Nights isthe first film he has directed by himself in two years. It is the highpoint of his long directing career.
Director Chris Ward
Starring Angelo Marconi, Dominic Pacifico, David Dirdam, Austin Wilde, alexsander Freitas, Conner Habib, Andre Barclay, Francesco D’Macho, Wilfried Knight, Aybars, Tony Aziz

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