Especial de Carnaval – Filme Completo – Carnival Sex Freaks

Especial de Carnaval – Filme Completo – Carnival Sex Freaks

Get ready for an all new type of freak show that will knock your socks off and is guaranteed to get your juices flowing. These Carnival Sex Freaks are ready to open up the back door and let you in! If you thought you’ve seen it all, you haven’t! Maybe you left the three-ring circus asking yourself if that was all there is. Don’t be disappointed! In the shadow of all the glitter, glamour and clowns is a slightly smaller, not so lit up and a little moth eaten Round Top with some sort of a musky smell to it. We invite you in to this side-show spectacle called the Carnival Sex Freaks, where all your wildest, most hidden and darkest fantasies will come true! Cast: Cole Smith, Fukken Sexy Taylor, Kalaban, Damien Silver, Ray Dalton

DirectorJustin Credible
Cast:Cole Smith
Damien Silver
Fukken Sexy Taylor
Ray Dalton

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