Filme Completo – Good Hot Stuff

Good Hot Stuff is a narrated history/documentary of Hand-in-Hand Films, the pioneering gay movie company that first appeared in 1972. This film traces the evolution of Hand-in-Hand and how its three founders, Jack Deveau, Robert Alvarez and Jaap Penraat, created a loose cooperative of filmmakers dedicated to the production of high quality, innovative gay erotica. The film offers behind-the-scenes explanations of how adult films are made, exclusive interviews, segments from several titles and previously unreleased material, including bloopers and outtakes. The films include Left-Handed, Peter DeRome’s Hot Pants, Ballet Down the Highway, Adam & Yves, Wanted: Billy the Kid, The Night Before and Bagdad. This is required viewing for anyone interested in the history of gay erotica! Cast: Bill Eld, Brian Destazio, David Savage, Dennis Walsh, Garry Hunt, Henk Van Dijn, Jack Deveau, Kirk Luna, Mark Woodward, Peter DeRome, Rene, Robert Alvarez, Robert Rikas, Shawn Roberts

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