Filme Completo – Tribal Pulse – Carnival

Carnival (Tribal Pulse)
Studio: Tribal Pulse
Category:  Gay
Directed by: Alain Eclair
Starring: Thomas Lee, Adam Dvorak, Chad Driver, Denis Rush, Dominik Mayer, Jakub Anderson, Paul Rodman, Robert Driveman, Tyler Hansen

A carnival serves as the background and three of the scenes take place in or near there, but otherwise the scenes could have come from any of the Tribal Pulse series of horny twinks. Not that that’s a criticism—far from it.

It begins far from the carnival with Jakub and Robert walking in the outdoors. They stop and show one another their uncut cocks and have a wank. Robert strips off his pants and socks. Jakub goes down on Robert’s hard cock. Jakub removes his shirt to reveal a muscular chest; then returns to his dining al fresco. He pauses only long enough to swap tongues with Robert. Robert gets behind Jakub and runs his hard cock up and down Jakub’s ass crack. Both boys are now naked and that cock wants entry, so Robert fucks Jakub. These boys are hot and it’s nice to see the slender one fuck the muscle hunk for a change. Robert’s low-hanging balls sound great as the slap against Jakub’s ass. Roberts stops fucking so he can suck Jakub’s straining cock. Jakub cums and they kiss passionately. Jakub drops to his knees to suck off Robert. His reward is a chest covered in spunk.
At the carnival two guys cruise one another. One is with some friends; the other is alone. The one with the friends is quite handsome (we would cruise him too) and he’s sorely tempted but hesitant to split from the group and go after the tempter. The solo guy finds a spot to revive himself of his aching balls. Stripping naked (a rather rash thing to do in a public place even if in seclusion) he beats his throbbing dick until it spits a creamy load.
In a second totally unrelated scene (but one well worth the diversion) three handsome guys seated side by side are making out in an apartment. The central stud (and handsomest of the three) sucks the springing cocks on either side of him. The guy on his right is kind enough to give him some head, leaving the handsome sucker to concentrate solely on the stud to his left until this stud decides to sample the central one’s stiff cock. As the central sucker returns to sucking the cock on his left, the stud on his right begins eating out the sucker’s ass, eventually replacing his tongue with his hard cock. We cut to this guy then fucking the stud on the left who returns to sucking the central stud. In short (or perhaps considering cock size—long) the guy on the right fucks both of the others who are the two handsomest. (That was rather confusing wasn’t it?)Three is definitely company in this gathering.
Two really young twinks make out in a garage. Tyler a skinny youngster with longish dark hair fucks Adam, a very cute kid with curly hair and a nice body. Of course they suck one another’s cocks first. If chicken is your meat, Adam is a wet dream cum true.
Finally we return to the carnival. (Remember the carnival?) The fine-looking cruised one with the group of friends has freed himself from them and now goes in search of his cruiser. He finds him and they go to a seemingly deserted section of the carnival to get it on. The attractive young guy drops to his knees, the cruiser’s hard cock pops out at him. He sucks it. (I said seemingly deserted but we glimpse a pair of legs scurrying away in the background) The sucker removes his shirt and the suckee now does likewise. He raises the handsome sucker up and turns him around leaning him up against one of the carnival wagons. His stiff cock pokes at the guy’s still clothed butt seeking entry. The handsome one pulls down his pants giving the anxious cock an unblocked entry. (IN NONE OF THE SCENES DO WE SEE THE COCK ACTUALLY ENTER THE ASSHOLE. WE ALWAYS JOIN THEM IN MEDIAS FUCK. DAMN!) I never knew carnivals offered this particular ride. When the ride is over the fucker pays his admission fee by sucking off the handsome young fuckee until he cums on his face. The handsome young man then gets a face full of the other’s spunk.
I thought the film was over but—blam—two young guys flop down on a bed, kissing, and pulling at one another’s clothes. A blond and a brunet. They suck one another’s cocks and the blond cutie fucks his brunet friend. (This is the closest we get to seeing the entry.) After they have cum we cut to…
Two twinks in the WC at the carnival. A longhaired skinny one fishes out his friend’s huge uncut piece of meat and goes “WOW”. Amazingly, he is able to swallow it until his nose is meshed in pubic hair and balls are banging his chin. This kid can deep-throat! Next thing we know he’s bent over and that big cock is reaming his butt. Outside we see the cruiser approaching the WC. When he enters the twinks have stopped fucking and are sharing spit. At the sight of two naked youngsters our cruiser starts rubbing his cock and moves over to join the kissing duo. They take turns sucking his cock. An abrupt cut to him fucking the longhaired twink. Then we cut to him sucking both of them. Then we cut to him jacking off.

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